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WORLD-RENOWNED ACOUSTICIAN AND ARCHITECT, JOHN FLYNN, WAS GIVEN CARTE BLANCHE TO ENHANCE THE OLD SALVATION ARMY CONCERT HALL INTO A WORLD-CLASS TRACKING ROOM. The room, with a 13m vaulted ceiling bathed in natural light, is overlooked by a beautiful stained-glass window. The room has received meticulous both acoustic and aesthetic enhancements, as well as a fully floated floor. The result produced a beautifully finished, massive-sounding but controlled recording environment, which includes two fully retractable, independently floated, glass-fronted isolation booths and an amp booth. The lighting, including stage lights, was professionally designed to achieve an infinite choice of moods. There is also a gallery surrounding the room that can be used by extra musicians, videographers or for fans to watch an intimate performance. As with every other room in the building, there is state-of-the-art internal climate control should the temperature need to be adjusted. (9.4m by 8.2m)

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