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A TRULY MAGICAL SPACE WITH A 13M VAULTED CEILING AND AWE-INSPIRING STAINED-GLASS WINDOW, THIS ROOM CAN BE CONFIGURED TO SUIT THE NEEDS OF ANY WRITING CAMP. A producer desk will be set up, as well as MIDI keyboards, a Universal Audio Interface, a recording chain consisting of API mic pres and a choice of microphone, MAAG EQ, Rupert Neve design compressor as well as the ATC SCM25A monitors. With the capacity to hold over 10 people at a time with comfortable seating. The vocal booth has a direct line of sight to this room and the control room. (9.4 by 8.2m)

THE ISOLATION BOOTHS IN THE LIVE ROOM CAN BE CONFIGURED AS A WRITING ROOM SETUP, COMPLETE WITH A DESK, A UNIVERSAL AUDIO APOLLO INTERFACE, MIDI KEYBOARD AND ACTIVE GENELEC MONITORS. The unique feature of these rooms is that the wall is looking into the live room and is made of acoustically treated glass and can be folded open and closed back when necessary to break off from the main camp whilst still being connected visually. We also have a vocal reflection shield on hand if required. (Room 1 is 3.6 by 3.5m & Room 2 is 2.7 by 3.3m)

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