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A unique opportunity for bands/artists to have a world-class live video made in our unparalleled space at a highly reduced introductory price of £1500 (including videography, video edit, audio recording, mix and master). This amazing room is incredibly versatile and can provide a naturally lit, organic feel through to a psychedelic vibe and anywhere in between! The room has a spectacular 40ft vaulted ceiling with a balcony. We have a team of videographers and sound engineers who will craft an astounding result, both sonically and visually.

Salvation Music Studios is the premier recording facility in Brighton, UK. Originally the Salvation Army Citadel built in 1910, the space has been converted into a state-of-the-art recording studio with workflow and creativity in mind.


Get the absolute best sound quality for your video with our amazing selection of modern and vintage microphones going through our pristine 70s Neve 8068 recording console (regarded by top engineers worldwide as one of the very best consoles ever made) running the latest version of ProTools with an HDX PCIe rig.


Bookings get full access to the studio's extensive backline including over 40 vintage guitars and amps, 2 fantastic sounding drum kits, various synths and keyboards including a Nord Stage 2 and, of course, our Yamaha C3 grand piano!

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